The time is now for you to break those chains that confine you and bind your blessings. You are next and about to experience a breakthrough unlike none other.


 Sometimes we are the very obstacle that keeps us from progressing.


Do you want to start a business, company or write a book, are you looking for the inner voice to come out?


Wait no more and call us, we work privately with agencies, schools, institutions, celebrities, families and individuals



When you are no longer motivated by workshops and require a higher level of transformation, we are available for you!


Our Powershops are interactive and full of life in order to release the energy that has been dampened. 


We are available for Powershop Calls to get your team ready and prepared, schedule yours today.




LaSean Shelton, compiling author of "Congratulations! You Just Lost Your J.O.B.!", and "How About a Lifestyle Change?"


"Congratulations! You Just Lost Your J.O.B.!" encourages entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and monetize from them.


This book teaches those that are looking to enhance or replace their income with a legitimate home based business while avoding the same mistakes that she and others made in the novice stages of business.


"How About a Lifestyle Change?" 

this book promises to address the issues that many whisper about while those in need seek the support that they need.


This book shares new insights, case studies and “lessons learned” from those that struggled from some form of addiction. The addictions depicted in this blazing hot book are:

  • Shopping/ Financial Carelessness
  • Eating
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Being Institutionalized and
  • “The Church”

You SAVED our project!!! Thank you. Between change of stakeholders to loss of team members, you helped get our project back on track. We owe you.

CLP Enterprises

Your confidentiality and professionalism truly has gone a long way with me. You were not blinded by my celebrity status and did not abuse our sessions. That means a lot to me. Thank you  (I still will not use my name (smile))



Whatever you did with my children worked! How you turned a set of ummotivated twins around from failing to above average is still a mystery to us. My husband tells everyone about you and thank you, college is now a reality for our boys.

Grace and Rodney Tillson

I took your class and you helped me pass the PMP exam!!!!!!!!

M. Thompson

I listen to your shows and a lot of what you said makes sense. I love how you rose from adversity and perservered  through it all. Truly you are a role model


Vernon S.


Thank you for motivating our team!!!  The knowledge that you shared refocused us and gave us a new breathe of life! 



I have learned that I cannot be responsible for what others think about me. What I am concentrating on are the positive things I can give them to think about. I remember my mouth dropping when you said that, I kept saying "wow she is for real" I appreciate all that you showed me and will use each lesson.


Markus W




There are two phrases that I will never forget, If nothing changes, nothing changes and despite of and because of. I am unstoppable now and I am ready to fulfill my destiny.  

Denise. V






Project Manager




We are here for you! Whether you are seeking a Transformational Coach, someone to awaken your agency through words or a push or consultation for your next book--we are ready willing and able to take you to the next level!

© 2017 LaSean Shelton, Awake the Champion in You-- all rights reserved. Please do not contact us for anything outside of product information

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